Welcome to the CEDIN website!

Welcome to the Cedin website! At Colegio Irlandés we offer a personalized approach to foreign language learning in a caring and supportive environment. All our teachers are native speakers of the language they teach with teaching qualifications, and we run classes at every level from beginner to advanced.

Our goal is your ability to communicate in the language of your choice, and we provide 4 hours a week of classes in small groups and an additional 2 hours of conversation classes so that you learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. Classroom activities are focused on speaking practice and student centered but understanding the structure of the language is also essential to communication and our experienced teachers will show you how learning a foreign language really works.

Our purpose-built school offers a modern classroom environment including audio and visual resources, and we hold monthly exams to check your progress and identify any problem areas. For our business customers, we offer classes in Spanish, German, Portuguese, general and business English in your own offices at a time that suits you, and monthly reports on all students based on exams and progress made.

Whether you take classes at the school or in your workplace, we give you all the support you need to achieve your foreign language learning goals. Come to CEDIN Colegio Irlandes – for the fastest route to master a new language.

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